Are you a PR pro whose idea of a good time is shaping the news and making your clients famous? We want to talk to you. If you've got the drive, we can teach you the ins and outs of advertising PR (it's fun, BTW).


We're looking for a self-starting, task-obsessive person whose sole mission in life is to do their part to keep the trains running on time. You'll learn the specialized world of advertising PR, working with the best ad agencies in the world. Shoot us a note at the form below and let's chat! 


This isn't your father's media buying job. As a media buyer at Raven, you're an expert in building campaigns that live in social media. You understand the ins-and-outs of the platforms and how to access a very specialized, hard to reach group of people. Challenge accepted? Shoot us a note below. 


There's internships, and then there's the Raven internship. In this role you'll learn a little of everything it takes to make our clients famous, and leave without ever having had to pick up a cup of coffee *unless it's for yourself*. Let's talk!