HP's "The Wolf" series, in which an evil Christian Slater plays a cyberhacker demonstrating the flaws in your printer technology, returns with the campaign's longest and most ambitious project yet. 

The latest film, created by Giant Spoon, clocks in at 20 minutes, around three times as long as its predecessors, and crams elements of Bond and "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" into its action-movie premise. It takes place at a Davos-like economic forum attended by the "one per cent," where a female hacker/ security expert (Betty Adewole) is out to get revenge on an evil oligarch who wants to cash in on climate change (on top of all that, he's responsible for her girlfriend's death). She's working with the Fixer, played by Jonathan Banks, who appeared in HP's previous series centered around his exploits. At the last minute she decides not to go through with her hacking plan, but The Wolf (Slater) is one step ahead.