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Bailey Lauerman's Erica Lee on Marketing Movies to the Middle


In any given year, you’ll see theaters teeming with formulaic movies that Hollywood wisdom has decreed will undoubtedly drive huge profits at the box office. From star-powered tentpoles to franchises and reboots, there are tried-and-true formulas conventional wisdom says are ‘guaranteed’ successes.

Just halfway through 2017, all top five domestic grosses fit into one or more of those categories: Beauty and the Beast (reboot), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (sequel), Wonder Woman (reboot), Logan (franchise) and The Fate of the Furious (franchise).

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The West Coast ad agency scene just got a little more crowded.

Bailey Lauerman, an independent agency based in Omaha, Nebraska, has opened its first expansion office in Los Angeles. Chantal Sagnes, who most recently served as director of business development at New York’s co:collective, will lead the office as managing partner and group account director.

“LA doesn’t need another agency, but it could probably use a few with a more respectful and authentic understanding of middle-America,” said CEO Greg Andersen.

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Bailey Lauerman Finds Balance in a Fractious Industry


Greg Andersen, CEO of Bailey Lauerman in Omaha, Nebraska, said that there is a tendency he’s noticed on the coasts to believe that everyone in the country has the same aspirations and dreams. When he used to live in New York, he’d bet people $100 they couldn’t name the states bordering Nebraska. In 26 years, nobody won the bet.

In Nebraska, it’s a little more balanced: Omaha as an urban center has its share of liberals, so the agency is relatively balanced. “There were people crying when Hillary Clinton made her concession speech. There were also people whooping quietly. We just don’t really have that discussion.”

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