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FastCo Looks at Brands Building Up the New Heartland


The Outpost is not in a beautiful neighborhood. Sandwiched between a gas station and a credit union, the two-story concrete slab blends into the landscape as you breeze by it on the interstate highway. But inside, it is anything but drab. The Outpost is a 3,500-square-foot events space unlike any other—at least, any other in El Paso, Texas.

The interior of The Outpost looks like it was decorated by Willy Wonka, if Willy Wonka was an EDM-loving industrialist. It features a sleek, modernist community space trimmed by mirrored cement walls, tiled murals, and cacti; a Gibson recording studio; an adult jungle gym painted in powdered-colored neons; and an entire wall of free goodies: snacks, shoes, beauty products. There’s a hair salon upstairs, and outside the compound there’s a Danish-style hot tub immersed into a roadside sanctuary encircled by palm trees.

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Forbes Column: Exactly Where And What Is The Heartland


Part 1 of a short series on marketing to the Americans in the Middle in 2017

This series explores what it takes to understand middle-Americans, how the geography of their lives plays into the essence of who they are, and how their value structures differ from communities on the West and upper East Coasts.

First we’ll start with perception, and it makes sense to look at geography. The New York Times recently asked readers to define where the Heartland is using an interactive map of the US. The results were nothing short of surprising, with 23% of respondents selecting a map that does not include much of the Southern United States, demonstrating the disconnect between where people think the Heartland is and where it actually is.

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Column: Ditching Breitbart, it's going to cost them


Since Kellogg’s and others announced they would pull their advertising from, a petition to boycott the company dubbed #DumpKelloggs has more than 233,000 signatures, and counting. It’s trending on Twitter and many, many news sites.

Consumers from an overlooked cultural segment I call the New Heartland are responding, and thousands are coming out for Breitbart. That’s due in part to the fact that Breitbart has 45 million readers and that it’s viewed by many as an unfettered source of news in a leftist media environment.
End result: brands that make these knee jerk decisions will feel the pain measured in perception and sales.

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Forbes Column: Post-Election, Targeting The New Heartland Demands A New Approach


We all endured an extended election cycle filled with an unprecedented amount of vitriol.  A strong and powerful brand was revealed.  Love it or hate it, the Trump brand stands for something.  It is clear in message and consistent in delivery.  It is also currently showing the ability to adapt to its surroundings and expectations. I’m not talking about politics; this is about how to build a brand leveraging the massive power of the New Heartland (Midwest, Southwest, Southeast) consumer.

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A Story About Us


Most mid-sized to large ad agencies don't just have their own in-house PR—they also retain third-party firms to help raise awareness via earned media placements. These communications professionals pitch the agencies' work and its leadership to trade publications and beyond with the ultimate goal of winning new business. Like many PR operations, they sometimes struggle to prove ROI to their clients.

Matt Van Hoven didn't think that was quite good enough, so he and his partner Hollie Rapello launched Raven Public Relations...

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