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FastCo Looks at Brands Building Up the New Heartland


The Outpost is not in a beautiful neighborhood. Sandwiched between a gas station and a credit union, the two-story concrete slab blends into the landscape as you breeze by it on the interstate highway. But inside, it is anything but drab. The Outpost is a 3,500-square-foot events space unlike any other—at least, any other in El Paso, Texas.

The interior of The Outpost looks like it was decorated by Willy Wonka, if Willy Wonka was an EDM-loving industrialist. It features a sleek, modernist community space trimmed by mirrored cement walls, tiled murals, and cacti; a Gibson recording studio; an adult jungle gym painted in powdered-colored neons; and an entire wall of free goodies: snacks, shoes, beauty products. There’s a hair salon upstairs, and outside the compound there’s a Danish-style hot tub immersed into a roadside sanctuary encircled by palm trees.

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