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Forbes COLUMN: What's So New About The New Heartland, Part 2


When most people think of the Heartland, they only include the traditional flyover states in the Midwest. In evaluating our research for two studies on understanding middle-American consumers, it became very clear that values common in the Heartland were embedded in a much larger geographic footprint than the Midwest.

That’s how we came to call it the New Heartland.

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Forbes Column: Exactly Where And What Is The Heartland


Part 1 of a short series on marketing to the Americans in the Middle in 2017

This series explores what it takes to understand middle-Americans, how the geography of their lives plays into the essence of who they are, and how their value structures differ from communities on the West and upper East Coasts.

First we’ll start with perception, and it makes sense to look at geography. The New York Times recently asked readers to define where the Heartland is using an interactive map of the US. The results were nothing short of surprising, with 23% of respondents selecting a map that does not include much of the Southern United States, demonstrating the disconnect between where people think the Heartland is and where it actually is.

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